No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars

Ingredients :

One cup of butter 1/2 cup of brown sugar that has been packed1 teaspoon of essence of vanilla bean3 cups of oats that can be cooked quickly1 cup of chocolate chips that are semisweetOne-half cup of peanut butter

Préparations :

How to Make Chocolate Oat Bars That Do Not Require Baking :Using a 9Ă—9 inch square pan, grease it.Butter is melted in a big pot at a heat setting of medium. Blend in the vanilla extract and brown sugar. Incorporate the oats into the mixture. Cook for two to three minutes over low heat, or until all of the ingredients are well combined. Apply pressure to the bottom of the prepared pan and press in half of the mixture. Set aside the remaining half for use as a topping.In the meanwhile, melt the peanut butter and chocolate chips together in a small heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring the mixture often until it is completely smooth. Proceed to pour the chocolate mixture over the crust that is already in the pan, and then use a knife or the back of a spoon to smooth it out evenly.After the chocolate layer has been covered, carefully press the remaining oat mixture into the chocolate layer. Place in the refrigerator for two to three hours or overnight, covered. Before cutting into bars, bring to room temperature and let to cool.

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